Life in LA

My trip to LA was amazing! I had two wonderful hosts that cooked for me, took me to great places to eat, drove me to see amazing sites and drove me to the office every day and the airport – twice

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Working in the LA office was seemed so much more enjoyable than working in my normal location.  The people were wonderful and the view was spectacular.  Heck, I don’t even have a window at my normal office!

Mickey Mouse Tote

I was lucky to be able to stay with a co-worker (G) and her hubby (C) instead of staying in a hotel.  They were great hosts – and a bonus – C is a chef.  G has no idea how lucky she is to come home to the smell of dinner cooking every night!  And since I don’t drive in the big cities – they carted my happy ass everywhere!  Work, dinner, and even the beach for a run.  I really can’t express how much I appreciate them taking me in.  I did make this cute Mickey Mouse bag as a small token of my appreciation.  (Pattern can be found here). One night when G was busy doing homework, another co-worker (L) took us to Chinatown, where we got to see all of the fun little shops and ate at one of the highly recommended restaurants there.


I loved LA, but as much as I hate to admit it, I was missing Iowa. By Sunday, I was ready to go home. But the universe had other plans for me.  My flight out of LAX was delayed so much, that I wouldn’t have been able to make my connecting flight, so after spending half the day in the airport G & C picked me up again and took me home for another night.  Then before the crack of dawn Monday morning C got up and took me back to the airport for a 6AM flight!  Bonus to the situation? I wasn’t getting home at almost midnight and I got to see the sunrise from the plane.


Flying is not my most favorite thing to do, but it truly is amazing that we can fling this giant metal thing in the air and fly at super speed above the clouds. I love looking out the window…I’m equally amazed and a bit freaked out all at the same time.

When I finally got home, everyone was so excited to see me – kids, dogs and hubby…. and the crazy picked right back up where I had left it. Got home, showered, picked up and kids and headed out to a baseball game.  It’s been a little difficult getting back into the normal swing of things, but I’m getting there.

I think they missed me

Weekly Menu

This week has the special challenge of me planning a menu that I’m not going to be here to prepare.  I will be traveling for work to LA Tuesday – Sunday (yay!!) so running it household is being left to my mom and my husband.

Monday – C Baseball game at 5:30 – Home made lunchables.  C will eat on the way to the game.  B and I will have a picnic at the game.  My dad will be joining us and will be eating a Lunchable too 🙂

Tuesday – B baseball practice 5:30 – C batting practice at 7.  Tacos between practices.  Leftover taco meat from last week, makes this a quick and easy meal.  And again – Taco Tuesday and all….

Wednesday – C baseball practice 7 – Mac & Cheese & Hotdogs

Thursday – B baseball practice at 5:30 – Grilled cheese & green beans after practice

Friday – NO ACTIVITIES!! – Spaghetti and meatballs and lettuce salad

Saturday and Sunday – Hubby is on his own.  I’m sure he’ll come up with something. He is more of the cook of the family than I am!

I’ll be interested to see how the week goes with my hubby having to do drop off and pickup for 3 whole days.  In almost 11 years of having children, he has never done both in one day.  I’m a little nervous he is going to forget them.



Avocado Cookies

Made these delicious avocado cookies for the boys’ lunches. They replace the normal fat with avocados and are oh so soft, and delicious!! My boys refuse to even try an avocado, but they both LOVED these cookies. They even told me they just might be better than my regular cookies. And yes I told them there was avocado in them. They even helped me make them. 

Something smells hot

Have you ever said that? Do you know what I mean when I say something smells hot? That’s what I said when I went to the basement to get something out of the freezer yesterday. I turned the humidifier off incase that was running hot them kept sniffing around the basement.

As I was in one part of the basement, I heard my 10 year old close the bathroom door…and he never uses that bathroom (it has spiders in it sometimes so he refuses).  So of course that seemed weird to me so I went in there to investigate.

I found this floating in the toilet

Why yes, that is a melted plastic bowl that used to hold mixed fruit. At first my son tried to play stupid and innocent, but gave up the act pretty quickly. He found lighter we use to light the bug candle outside and decided to try it out. Luckily he was at least smart enough to do it in the bathroom where he could throw it in the water right away.

After explaining to him just how stupid that was…he could have burned the house down, killed the dogs…and is lucky he didn’t set the fire alarms off which would have surely given me a heart attack hearing that when I got home…I think gets how serious and dumb that decision was.

Punishments so far have included making him fish the cup out of the toilet, cleaning two bathrooms, basement, doing the dishes twice, no electronics, and going grocery shopping. Also he won’t be staying home by himself for any length of time for a whole, which means he gets to go to all his little brother’s baseball practices.

Anyone else’s kid make any idiot decision like this? How did you handle it?


Hello everyone! Welcome to Adulting is Rough! I’ve tried the blogging thing off and on…and this is an on phase. The purpose of this blog is just to share the real life of an everyday, married, working mom of 2 boys. C (the older son) is getting a little too close to teenage years for my comfort and B (the younger one) was recently diagnosed with ADHD. I plan to share ups, the downs…and everything in between in the hopes to connect with other mom’s doing this crazy Adulting thing. It can be amazing…but it can be rough. I’m going to be 100% real…and there might be a naughty word thrown in there …you’ve been warned!

I like to crochet and will post my projects here as I complete them. I will link to the patterns I use too 🙂

Finally I’m on a mission to lose weight and keep the weight off, while moving my family to mostly whole foods. I’ll share my progress, tips, tricks and yummy recipes I find along the way. 

So sit back, read on and enjoy this crazy life and my attempt at Adulting!