Weekly Menu

Every weekend we attempt to make a weekly menu before we go grocery shopping. This started years ago when we didn’t have much money and needed to buy only what we needed instead of wandering down the isles and picking up whatever looks good that day.  We don’t always follow the plan exactly, but we try.  I don’t like to eat the same thing over and over again, so I’m always hunting Pinterest for meal ideas.  My ultimate goal is to get my family over to almost completely whole food by the end of the year.  This would probably be easier if I did some or all of my meal prep on the weekend…but I hate cooking, so spending hours doing this on a Saturday or Sunday sounds like pure torture to me.

This summer I have the added challenge of packing lunches every day for both boys and planning around baseball games and/or practices almost every night!  So this week’s plan is:

  • Monday – C baseball game at 5:30 – Homemade Lunchables. C will eat in the car on the way to the game; B will eat during the game
  • Tuesday – B baseball practice at 6:15 – Tacos.  Taco Tuesday is non-negotiable in our house thanks to The Lego Movie.  If I pre-cook the meat this should be doable
  • Wednesday – C baseball practice at 5:00 – BLTs when we get home.  Again, should pre-cook the bacon to make it super easy Wednesday night
  • Thursday – B baseball practice at 5:30; C baseball practice at 7; me meeting at 6 – Mac & Cheese and Hotdogs.  B will eat after practice, C will eat before
  • Friday – Spaghetti and meatballs

The boys’ summer program is nut free – so no PB&J for lunches.  This is what C lived on last year so this has been an adjustment.  This week I am planning:

  • Pizza rolls
  • Meat & Cheese skewers
  • Ham & Cheese sandwiches

They always get a fruit and veggie in their lunch too.

Do you meal plan and/or food prep on the weekends?


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