No more dishes for me!

While I was in California I decided to log in and check my bank account one night.  And I noticed an iTunes charge. Huh don’t remember doing that, but OK.  Then another one, and another, and another… $92 worth of iTunes charges to my credit card!  I sent a text to hubby to do some investigating. Turns out C decided to make a bunch of in-app purchases for gold and buy 4 new games.  C says he doesn’t remember what he was thinking, if he knew it costs money….nothing.  I’m in trouble amnesia or something I guess.

So, we have decided that C needs to work to pay back all the money he charged.  At minimum wage, he has to work for 12 hours to make $92.  How do we enforce this?  No internet on any of his devices until he does his chores.  I haven’t had to do the dishes for a week!  And once he completes a chore, he gets internet on one device only.  What it on another one? Better go vacuum the living room!  What, you want to play Xbox? I see socks that need to be folded.

I’m loving the help, and let’s face it. He is almost 11 years old – he needs some chores!  I think we will stick to this plan even after he has earned his $92 back.

On a side note, when I mentioned what C did to an attorney I work with, he told me his son did the same thing when he was about C’s age….except he charged about $7000!! Made me feel much better!


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