Orange Theory Fitness and Progress Pics

Last October a friend of mine told me about this new gym called Orange Theory Fitness that was opening up in our town. I had been searching for a gym to join that was something other than the standard. Something I would enjoy; that would keep me coming back. I had considered Cross Fit, but it seemed a bit too intense for me, especially at my current fitness level and weight. So, I set up a meeting with the owners of the local Orange Theory to see what it was all about.  As a founding member, I would get free access to the twice a week boot camps that were being held by the head trainer starting in November until the gym was complete. And then I would get two free weeks at the gym before I actually had to pay a dime.  Why not, right?  If I decide it isn’t for me, I’m not out anything but my time – and tons of sweat it turns out.  So, I signed up.

In late November, boot camp started.  In late December a different friend made me some awesome workout shirts.  One of them just had #otf on the back.  Short for Orange Theory Fitness…of course….My trainer loved the shirt and asked if she could take a picture of her and I showing off the shirt.  I told her sure, as long as she cut out my rear end if they were planning to post on social media.

In March the gym finally opened – and with it a 6 week weight loss challenge, which of course I signed up for.  My workouts were amazing and I was going 5 days a week.  On the other hand, my head wasn’t in the game for the first 3 weeks when it came to diet and nutrition.  Half-way point, I was up a pound.  Frustrating, but not as bad as I thought.  The weight loss challenge ended last weekend.  In the end, I lost almost 5 pounds and 3 inches.  Not bad, considering where I was at the half way point.

At the end of the challenge I asked my coach about that #otf picture she took back in December.  I wondered if she still had it – she did. I asked if she had cut my rear end out of it – she didn’t.  So, I asked her if we could take a new pic to compare with to December picture to see how far I have come since the start of boot camp.



IMG_8251Guys – I have lost around 10 pounds since this picture in December was taken.  Ten pounds is good progress, but holy cow – the differences here….I’m shocked.  This is why you take progress pictures.  My weight loss has been super slow because I’m not always eating the best.  Don’t get me wrong, my eating is much improved, but I still have my days where I don’t track on my weight watchers app, or I do track, but I’m way over my points for the day – or even the week.  This is my choice, because this is a lifestyle change, and something I have to be able to maintain for life.  So for me – that means a day here and there when I don’t have to think about what I eat – make sure it is a good choice, or healthy…ya know?  But these pictures tell so much more of the story than the scale ever will.  This is what keeps you motivated to eat healthy most days and to kick ASS at the gym!

Coach Mary Kate (pictured above) and all of the coaches at Orange Theory Fitness are amazing – so supportive.  And the environment of this place cannot be beat.  I can’t say enough about this amazing gym.  I have found the perfect gym!

And if you are curious about my progress pictures from the weight loss challenge only – some pretty good differences there too – even though it was only about 5 pounds lost 🙂



Life Update

So….alm17021757_1373778909310204_8644894886796336663_nost a year since my last update? Wow…time flies!  Actually, my favorite quote fits pretty well here – “The days are long, but the years are short”  This is so true, especially when watching my children grow!  B is now 7 years old and almost done with 1st grade and C is going to be 12 this summer and going into 7th grade!

B has been doing much better in school this year. Before school started, I met with the school’s principal, counselor and his 1st grade teacher to discuss his behavior issues, and things we can do to help him through the school year.  His Kindergarten teacher even stopped in and gave some input on what she found works for her.  The result? I have not received one phone call from the school ALL YEAR! He still has his good days and bad days at school, but now he is getting in trouble for things like talking, instead of running out of the classroom or school. And no meltdowns at school that result in destroying the principal’s office.  We do still get meltdowns at home, but they are less and usually less severe.

C is slowly becoming a teenager…wants to be left alone, voice deepening, chatting with girl classmates on his computer.  I’m not ready for the teenage years yet!  C’s year has been pretty uneventful.  Getting good grades, stallion band and just starting baseball. He had his first baseball practice last night and looked pretty good! I’m not ready for the hectic schedule that baseball brings, but I’m excited to watch him improve all summer long. I’m struggling on what I’m going to do with C over the summer.  He is too old for the summer daycares, but too young to stay home alone all summer.  I better decide soon though, only a little over a month of school left!

As for me? I’m still struggling with my weight and weight loss.  I’m slowing going back down after gaining almost all weight I lost a few years ago.  Finally down over 10 pounds since joining Weight Watchers in January. I’ve also joined a gym and go 5 days a week. You may have heard of it – Orange Theory Fitness.  I LOVE it and have made huge improvements in my strength.  Even down a pant size since the gym opened in March.

WDWRUNDISNEY_WDWMARAHALFMEDALBACKDROP1_20170226_7961626009I also ran a half marathon through Disney World in February.  Well ran is a strong word…I completed a half marathon in just under 3.5 hours.  The last 3 miles were rough, but I finished.  Check that off my bucket list – never need to run a half again.  Hubby and I got to take a nice Florida vacation alone for the run, so that was a wonderful added bonus.  It was so nice to get away, just the two of us!  I’m ready for another one!

So, that in a nutshell is our family’s update since last July. Maybe I’ll post more now….just maybe…